Should you decide that information security management and/or ISO27001 is of real importance to your organisation then a ‘no-fee’ benchmark survey, to assess your organisation against the Standard is provided.

This involves a review of your practices benchmarked to ISO27001. This is done with a senior consultant with the BSI 27001 Lead Auditor qualification.

This survey will assess the following within your business:

  • Security Policy
  • Organisation of Information Security
  • Asset Management
  • Human Resources & Security
  • Physical and Environmental Security
  • Communications & Operations
  • Access Control
  • Information Systems Acquisition Development & Maintenance
  • Information Security Incident Management
  • Business Continuity
  • Compliance

On completion of the benchmark survey a report is produced covering all control areas deemed relevant and conclusions which will be discussed with your lead consultant.

The survey establishes your position against the requirements of the Standard, and allows a follow on discussion to focus on: applicability, resources and cost implications.

Should you wish to proceed with ISO27001 a detailed proposal and quotation will be prepared demonstrating how LayerTec will support your organisation with ISO27001 implementation.