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Our Story

Layertec is a new IT solutions and compliance business. Layertec brings together vital compliance solutions for SME’s throughout the UK in the areas of: data security, health and safety, quality management and environment into unique easy to use web-based solutions.

Why? Compliance over the years has manifested itself into unwieldy manuals that have little significance to the day-to-day workings of SME’s. Most solutions within the compliance arena are still paper based with no use of modern technology.

Layertec has created a seamless solution, cutting out weighty manuals and un-readable systems. Our web-based compliance portals are unique. They allow multi-user access, a full range of competence testing suites on a wide range of topics, plus training videos. Process flow charts are clear and easy to follow. Our systems are used by many SME’s throughout the UK.

To assist with this advanced compliance technology, we utilise the services of some of the most experienced compliance consultants within the UK. All have many years’ experience and work with the top UKAS certification bodies such as BSI and SGS. These consultants  have superb track records in the application of our compliance portals within the SME context; and of course first time successful registrations to the required Standard.