When considering information security for your business don’t overlook the importance of physical security. If an intruder can gain physical access to your building or facility no set of technical, administrative or other controls can provide adequate protection. Physical controls are in fact your first layer of security, and people are your last.

There are various elements that make up physical security, from security pass keys, to locked doors and gates. CCTV os one technical physical control which can be essential for larger businesses, or ones where physical security is a particular concern. Analog CCTV cameras have been the norm for years. It’s only recently that Internet protocol cameras (IP) have become more mainstream and affordable. High Definition versions of these cameras offer even further advantages over analog cameras.

The main advantage is the viewing area these cameras can monitor when compared to normal analog cameras. In many instances where you have 3 analog cameras, one high definition internet protocol camera could replace all three. This is because the resolution is much greater, allowing the camera to capture more detail and subsequently precise identification of people and/or objects. We are all familiar with the pixelated CCTV shots in the press that are less than evidential quality. The latest versions of these cameras now have the ability to pick out a face in a crowd from a camera which is half a mile away.

This image below gives you some idea of the difference in image quality and reach between traditional analog VGA cameras and high definition internet protocol cameras.

When designing or selecting a facility to house your company operations do not overlook the need to incorporate CCTV into your physical security plan and make sure you invest in the right technology for the job.