OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety


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[hero_unit text=”OHSAS 18001 Is the International Standard for the creation on an effective health and safety management system that allows organisations to address changing health and safety legislation and protect employees and contractors, working under its auspices.” btn_style=”default” btn_size=”normal” target=”_self”]


OHSAS 18001 seeks to promote and foster a safe and healthy working environment. This is established by creating an OH&S management system that requires the organization to identify its key health and safety ‘risks’, reduce those risks, set OH&S objectives and targets, comply with legislation and partake in effective employee consultation and seek to measure and enhance health and safety performance.

OHSAS 18001 is applicable to any organisation wishing to uphold best practice arrangements for Occupational Health and Safety.   By adopting OHSAS 18001 an organization will demonstrate to its customers and stakeholders its commitment to achieving the rigorous demands detailed within this Standard.

How LayerTec can help?

LayerTec retain a team of expert consultants covering a wide range of disciplines.

We offer a free of charge benchmark survey to assess your organization’s position against the selected Standard. We can discuss the findings and propose a suggested work programme.

About LayerTec

Layertec is a new IT solutions and compliance business. Layertec brings together vital compliance solutions for SME’s throughout the UK in the areas of: data security, health and safety, quality management and environment into unique easy to use web-based solutions.


LayerTec offer a unique web-based compliance portal that can house your OHSAS 18001 system.  It also features training video clips for staff and a unique competence testing suite.  This allows staff to take tests benchmarked against the Standard – anywhere in the World with instant scoring provided. Plus a master management log is retained for the all- important competence requirements.

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