Inclusive Service Provision

Do you know how to identify and manage your vulnerable customers?

Last month Jonathan Davidson, FCA’s Director of Supervision reminded firms that being authorised is not a one-off focus on performance.  The FCA expects firms to remain compliant after they have received their authorisation.

Treating vulnerable customers fairly is a key FCA priority area.  Frontline staff who can recognise the signs of vulnerability and manage the customer experience in the right way are able to add a lot of value to your business.

How we can help you?

BS18477 – Inclusive Service Provision for the Debt Collection Sector is the benchmark British Standard which can help you identify and effectively respond to vulnerable customers.  It will also:

  • Improve your customer relationships
  • Provide you with competitive advantage
  • Meet your regulatory requirements

We are able to:

  • Help you meet BS18477.
  • Provide you with our unique web based portal to implement and embed BS14877, thereby reducing paper work and also providing a knowledge platform for all your staff.

We use highly qualified compliance consultants with over 20 year’s industry experience in certificated management systems. We have considerable experience in working with major blue chip organizations in the UK

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We offer an on-site benchmark review to perform an assessment of BS18477 against your current operations and integration within ISO9001 or a compliance system at a reduced fee.

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